God Corrupts

I better write this down before whatever apathy I have towards the matter starts cooling me off.

The belief of God and whatever dogmatic doctrines that people hold on to has the power not just to skew the entire perspective of life but it has the power to isolate you from people who really care about you.

I argued with you because our differences were too far and too much at different ends to understand. And I could not understand, as much as I wanted to, as much as I tried to, what was said was too far gone for you to listen and in that heated arguments, some things were said that really pissed me off. What was said, I will not repeat only because I’m pretty pissed off either way and because the argument was between us and for us alone.

The thing is, I know I was wrong. Mel understood what I could not. It pays to date someone who still holds her ties to God but isn’t as loony as some of God’s worshippers out there. For that, I am sorry for not understanding. Yet, as much as you say you trust me with your happiness, you forget that as your friend, you always trusted me to give you that second opinion that’s totally out from the norm. How this was any different, I failed to see it. We failed to see it.

Maybe in time we’ll find that middle ground in something like this so that we can talk about without the conversation being one sided towards your understanding of God. But today isn’t that day. Today is a day we take time to cool off for the things we said and in time learn to forgive each other for the mistakes we made.

For now, I’m still pissed and I expect you to fully understand why.

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