Headaches And Truth…

So here I am. Sitting down in the quiet comforts of my room trying to figure out the best way to design my blog. Not that it’s hard. It’s just that…like I’ve said before the last time I tried to redesign my blog. I’m not the best person for the job. I’ve always been a hands on straight lined kinda guy. Picking colours and creating fanciful shapes ain’t my game.

Though I don’t consider this being bad at all, considering the things in my life.

This particular headache is downright relaxing.

I don’t know. It’s one thing to do everything to win over the object of your affections. It’s another thing to tell your best friend that the object of your affections has a thing for him. So you can pretty much see…designer’s block be damned, it is that pain I like to take off my mind.

It’s funny the relationship I have with her. No matter what, no matter where or when. We will always be at our most true selves around each other. It doesn’t matter at our best or worst. But it will be at our most honest. For a relationship of any kind…that sort of stunt can break it up. But for us…I don’t know…truth is…what we live on.

Even if lies are what surrounds our lives.

So yeah…I know she misses him, I know she likes him alot. I know there is nothing I can do but to do what I came here to do. Whatever it is to be there for her…and of course…to win her back.

Yes…I have been called a fool. I have been called many things in this pursuit of one girl…but does it matter? No. Why? Because some things in life are worth fighting over to live. If life was lived without any amount of harship or pain, would it really be worth living at all? Is being carefree really living life?

Or is it another way of denying your right to live?

It hurts, it eats me inside, but it will be ok. I am his friend. I am her friend. I am a guy who lives with the consequence of actions around him. So what’s a guy to do now seeing that there is nothing really important to do at this point? Why the thing that matters most of course.

Keep busy.

Which is why I’ve got a headache redesigning my blog.

That’s better than hurting anyway.

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