10 thoughts on “It Had To Happen Again

  1. So what’s for dinner? :p

    When my harddisk crashed on me I lost about 5 years of photos. I had no backup. I almost cried.

  2. Dude when commenting I kena error at some popularity-contest.php.

  3. My friend used to told me that.. ‘Harddisk won’t easily crashed one, if it crashed, it’s probably time to get a new one’

    so ermm..

  4. oh goodness. am so SO sorry to hear about that. don’t get frustrated ok? take it slow…and if you need to vent, can always cari me, ya?

  5. aiyooo!!!!! 🙁 that SO sux wei. nvr mind…once u’ve exhausted lishun, you can come n vent on me, k? 🙂 wat are friends for right? *huggles*

  6. Totoro, ST: Lucky thing I do have a 120 gig external drive I can back up to. Didn’t save the last crash cause the partition was completely gone and I couldn’t do a thing.

    Jee: I think it may actually be my RAM causing the problem. Still got to run tests on it.

    Bawang: The problem should be ok now. Just some minor glitch.

    Yvy, Lishun: Yeah, thanks guys…you know I’ll make full use of that offer. 🙂

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