Some Friends We Are

Some days, it really makes me wonder why we are friends.

I have listened to you rant when you’re disturbed, angry, worried or depressed.

I have felt happy for you out you positively bursting out of your skin with joy.

I have given you advice when you come to me for help.

I have been there with you through the best of times and the worst of times.

I have even accepted the fact that as friends, you were never going to be the ear for me whenever I am happy or sad.

All I asked in return was that you have the least bit of respect to drop me a line and follow up on what we planned.

But it seems that even I can’t have that from you.

It really does makes me wonder sometimes why we are still friends.

4 thoughts on “Some Friends We Are

  1. i hear u and i feel u man… sometimes i ask myself way too many time to realize this is as good as it will get and just wont pay that much attention to them anymore… im not saying that is what you should do or this is not the definition of friends but it will come to your senses and you will act accordingly your way.. hang in there dood.

  2. Guccimamasan: I just have to play it by ear. Let it be the way it should be. Who said I have to initiate it all the time? I’ll enjoy what’s meant to be enjoyed and just go with the flow.

  3. So what happened to “the secret to a healthy relationship whether it be friends or something more is having no expectations?”

  4. Cléa: That’s why this isn’t healthy. This is what remains of a very old friendship. It’s why I worked hard to walk away from that past. There is just too much baggage to remove at once.

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