The Cell That God Played With…

Look At All Those LinesShow me a single cell and I’ll show you a whole world in the palm of a hand. Ok, so what you see before you isn’t really the whole world as you know it, but for people like me, this is the world I dig my hands into.

It may seem like random lines. It may seem like a black and white picture that makes no sense, but by God if I were to take your blood and put it down the way we do…it would look a whole lot like that anyway. Think about it, your entire life, everything you were made from, put down onto a gel and photographed in black and white under ultraviolet light.

Puts a sense of humility in all of us doesn’t it?

Maybe that’s one of the reasons why I love biotechnology and especially genetics. When you think about we walk in this world in arrogance and complacent about our place in this world or even in this universal existence. Then consider the fact that something so small and inconceivable to the normal human mind can mean so much in so many ways.

Puts my perspective in order when I deal with the world the way I do. You take all the things that the world seems to run on like money and beliefs and hell…even our own superiour material perceptions. It won’t even matter in the end when you realise your world is controled in part by something some of us can control now. The way we tweak, we twist, we edit, we delete and we create. Every little bit radiates in huge waves outwards changing the landscape as we know it.

God’s control over our fate is not absolute.

Sooner or later, there will be some of us will have that same power.

So it doesn’t matter for now how much crap I take from the rest of the world in regard to the people who have dissed me over the years. It doesn’t matter how much shadow games I have played to only see other people rise to the top with me being left behind. It doesn’t matter how big some people will be in this world or how well known they will be or even how successful they think they run their life.

Because in the end the rules will change.

In the end the balance of power will shift.

In the end I will have your children or your children’s children. I will take back the world that was taken from me. From a single cell will the world be changed. From a single cell will fates be rewritten and lives be remade. From a single cell made by my hand.

In the end I will play God.

Then we’ll see who stands in the shadow that time.

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