The Darkest Moments

If there was ever the most desperate time of my life, it would be now.

If there was ever the bleakest moment of my life, it would be this.

If there was ever a realisation that even mistakes in the naivety and curiosity of youth can’t escape, it would be this moment.

If there was ever a chance that everything you’ve worked hard for could be destroyed in an instant, it would be this throw.

Everything comes full circle, secrets will come to pass. Nothing will escape judgment, and forever will never last.

At least my tradition of birthdays has never changed. It will always be a nightmare of trouble, one I know I cannot wake from.

A nightmare I know I cannot resolve.

A nightmare I know will probably kill me in the end.

8 thoughts on “The Darkest Moments

  1. Umm… not good Ed. If you are taking steps .. please call someone. Sorry if i’m out of line here. But can i ak if your ..”ok”?

  2. Birthday? This is a time to put everything else aside and celebrate the anniversary of that 21st! 🙂

  3. CR: Talking to someone helps, but it does not make the problems disappear, which is cause for my concern right about now.

    Cléa: I tried, but I can’t. Have you ever felt so scared and alone that your world just stops? That’s how I feel now and that’s how I will keep feeling until this moment has been resolved.

    Chris: I can be as strong as I can be and thanks for the wishes.

  4. It is really normal for one to have such feeling, but try to think, Why do I feel like this? Is there something that needs to be done? Anything missing from my current life?

    Explore yourself, it may help a lot! Sometimes we try to find answers outside, but the answers could be inside of ourself actually 🙂 We all have a wise inner self IMHO

  5. Chris: It’s nothing to do with an existential crisis. It’s more to do with very bad things happening that I have no control off that can ruin my life.

  6. Wow this is intense. I musts say this is quite the opening of emotions. It makes for a deep –pour your heart out- type of poem. It’s sad though, really sad. All I can say is I hope things get better.

  7. Joe: I can only hope, but I doubt so. I can’t even see the silver lining let along the light at the end in this case.

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