The Final Hours Before Blogathon

This is it, after wasting about 12 hours worth of precious last minute publicity on a server problem, Footsteps in the Mirror is up again and ready for Blogathon 2006. I don’t think I can say much to convince anyone to pledge and donate to the Association for International Cancer Research anymore, whatever I have said I have already said. Whatever I have done to prepare, I have already done. What’s left now is the final hours what tick by before Blogathon 2006 starts.

What I can express now is the storm of emotions that are running through my head right about now. A sense of nervousness, excitement, fear, disappointment, near-hyperventilating-panic, all the things that make me who I am. I suppose at the end of it, if there is anything left from all this…I could have a little fun because that’s what Blogathon is all about. Taking what we do best and putting it through good use.

I got to be honest with you, I’ve been hiding a lot from Mel these past few weeks. A lot of insecurity and a lot of doubt. It’s one thing to be laid back, it’s another to pretend that everything is ok. I don’t want her to think something as small as this would matter so much to me that it would take every once of will to hide how frazzled I am from all this. I promised myself that I won’t push myself too hard when it comes to Blogathon and I don’t know whether that was a good thing or not. Either way, there is nothing to do now but to commit and see it through.

Now it’s time to sit back and finish of the last few hours. The food’s in the fridge, the notes are in my head, the camera is charged and ready. To everyone participating in Blogathon, I wish you all the best of luck. Twitchy mood aside, let’s make this party the 24 hours we can all remember for the causes we pledges for.

Let’s get ready to stay up late and make all the difference in the world.

One thought on “The Final Hours Before Blogathon

  1. As for her, she will understand and care for you. There will not be any problem between both of you. Just space out your time evenly for everything to be in good health status. Be healthy all along this blogathon and she will be happy. All the best!!!

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