The Neverending Push…

Sometimes the smallest things in life can mean a lot. Actually come to think of it, it has always been the smallest things in life that mean a lot for people. It’s just the way the world is. It’s just the way reality is.

All we can do is to live with it.

A lot of you have been telling me to sit back and relax for awhile…which needless to say is a good thing really. I do appreciate the fact that some people take notice enough to tell me not to push myself too hard.

Then again, some of you know better that I don’t usually stop what I’m doing that easily, nor am I a person who knows how to slown down when he’s on the move. It’s not just the fact I am just a stubborn pig, it’s just that when it comes to anything else, I have no reason whatsoever to do anything else except to keep pushing it.

Maybe some of you see it as naive idealism, maybe some of you see it as a needless responsibility, maybe some of you do understand that it really is something that needs to be done and as far as it goes, I’m the only person strong enough to do it. In any case, given my own track record on these things…a lot of you know that once I made up my mind.

It’s just hard to stop.

So in a way, I’m not asking for a reason to rest. I’m not asking for a reason to stop. As far as friends go…all I’m asking is that those of you who know me longest and know me the best stand by me through the times as much as you can and as long as you can. It’s not answers or advice that I need right now, it’s not so much the words of truth or wisdom that I need by me.

It’s the knowledge that I have someone to stand by me in those cold dark nights.

Maybe I’m just a sentimental romantic, which needless to say is pretty dangerous when you’re a person who lives on a hard rock than a soft cushion. But who I am really doesn’t matter to how the future is going to be made, what matters is what I would do now with what have to get to where I want to go.

That’s pretty much it really.

The small thing most people take for granted is something I hold a lot in my life. It’s hard to keep on going when you got nothing else to hold you up and everything is just a little closer to you, but that’s why no one should ever be alone. That’s why we are connected to each other whether we like it or not, whether we appreciate it or not.

We can never be more than who we already are.

But at least with someone beside you to watch your back.

You can be more than you can ever be alone.

That is what I hold on to.

What I always try to hold on to.

3 thoughts on “The Neverending Push…

  1. ed, no worries okay – everyone’s alone all the time. what i always believed is that being alone is just a state of mine. well, that’s what my mom says. after all, life is for doing and enjoying. i may not be a problem solver, but i sure like to cheer people up kay. cheers =)

  2. this seriously reminds me of the time when u used to tell me to not push myself too hard and i told you pushing myself that hard doing the only thing im good at( which is my studies la) is all i can do to stay sane…. that was yearss ago… not anymore tho…things changed like i told ya last night ..and its great where i am….. i wont ask u to relax and yes ill stand by you as long as i can :)… just hope ull realize it one day…

  3. I know we’ve spoke of this before, that everytime you stop and relax, something unwanted happens. Sometimes things happens for a reason but I guess if you feel obligated then so be it. Want you to know I will be here…for you as always, maybe in not too many words, but I am listening. 🙂

    Hey, I’m trying here….

    where’s that philosophy book title you promised?

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