The Tragedy Of Lost Loves

It’s sad when you lose your best friend because both of you realised that being in love meant that you’d be hurt with the same intensity as you loved each other. It’s sad when at the end of it, the person whom you redefined your life no longer wants to speak to you. It’s sad when you move on from the end and realise you’re walking that part of the road alone.

Then again in this world where we walk upon infinite roads with infinite choices, nothing lasts forever. What is infinite is our appreciation for what has been lost, which unfortunately often comes after we lose it. With that, all we can do is to move on, trying not to let ourselves be trapped in the prison of our own crushed hopes and dreams. Easier said than done. Look how long it took me to get out of my own emotional cage.

It doesn’t matter how long has passed since the end. We all say our goodbyes when we’re ready to move on or when we can’t bear the stand the pain anymore. We all say goodbye in our own ways. I said mine when I realised there was no way left to go but foward. It was only a matter of time before she sent hers.

“I suppose when I said “let’s just be friends” I didn’t think that I was the one who cannot handle it. You are the one that moved on. You know you have. You should be proud.”

Somehow, I don’t feel proud. I feel like I lost something very important. I feel like I lost someone very important. And the sad thing in all this is that life still goes on…whether we like it or not. Life still goes on.

3 thoughts on “The Tragedy Of Lost Loves

  1. It’s very sad losing a partner, and also sadder losing that friendship that came with the relationship. However, remaining friends after the fact hardly helps either side, because the freindship was also part of the relationship, and it is difficult to separate to two. Especially when a new person enters the equation.

    Telling an ex let’s stay frieids is the equivalent of “I don’t hate you”. But once you’ve shared a past, I don’t think it’s possible to maintain a true friendship.

  2. Ideally ChickyBabe is that there is that level of friendship that remains after a relationship between two people. Then again…when some feelings are still there despite what has happened, love turns into something else…despair and hurt. Some people deal with it differently. Some of us move on. Some of us run away. The result is almost always the same in every case. Very few people go back to that part where you could speak to each other as friends.

  3. It is hard to say to him/her that we just only be friends. No matter next time you met him/her or not, the lost love memory between you and him/her will always remain in the heart. It is impposible to say that you have really forgotten that memory. Although so, everyone at least will fall in love once in a life. Everyone ought to be love and being in love again. Treat the lost love as an experience in life and may it to let you success in another love again.

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