The Wimper Not The Bang

If there is anything I don’t like, it’s being the unappreciated underdog. I could go on and on about how people expect me to be someone I can’t or how the people that mean a lot in my life never really bat an eye towards the things I do. But those are either the story of my life or just a poor excuse for whining.

Wait a minute…isn’t that what my blog is for?

If anything, my layout is done but not finished. A testament to how melancholic I am at the moment. Everything now has it’s place and there is a place for everything, except for a few random codes to add in and the seperate IE stylesheet to create. It should feel like a moment to celebrate.

But why is it I come back to feeling crappy and in pain?

5 thoughts on “The Wimper Not The Bang

  1. Your blog is your playground to rant and rave. I see no reason why you shouldn’t do just that 🙂

    It’ll look better in the morning. Don’t worry so much..

  2. Some days are like that… going against them only provides a source of more angst. Let it ride instead of fighting it.

    Your blog is for you, if we don’t relate to a certain post, we’ll come back for the next. Don’t let it pressure you Kami, I know it’s easy to let that happen :).

  3. Sharina: I’m not worried, just frustrated. But you’re right. Things always look better in the morning. At least when yesterday was just another day and today is a new one.

    ChickyBabe: Going with the flow is the only thing I can do. Better to ride the waves than fight to stay afloat. I wasn’t referring to my blog per say, that really doesn’t matter much. I was referring to whatever I do in my life, from work, to studies to anything I put my heart into. It’s frustrating to know that it’s always overlooked.

  4. It’s said that purpose of pain is to remind you that you’re alive… it’s not always a bad thing, in other words.

    But what you probably need is some respite, and because of that, my friend, YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED!

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