Work-Related Anger

“You’re not perfect and neither am I. Don’t bite my head off when you do it yourself.”

The thing about work related issue between friends is that one way or another, you’re both going to step on each others toes for mistakes that are both inconsequential and serious to both of you. The best way to handle things is always to shut up and listen. Sometimes though some conditions and situation don’t allow you that solution and things take the turn for the worse.

I don’t like it when people give me the third degree for mistakes that I do. I never have liked it and I never will. Under normal circumstances, I’d just take and swallow it like a soldier. Though some conditions yet unresolved can easily undo the fine self-control you’ve been building to keep the anger and other emotions at bay, especially at close friends who are the ones giving you the third degree. I don’t like being angry and I think neither do a lot of people. I need to put back my self control and fast before things degrade to the point of no return.

In the common workplace, there is no room for mismatched high strung emotions. I can only hope I can keep it under control before I break a board or my hand.

3 thoughts on “Work-Related Anger

  1. You are right as you usually are on things such as emotions. Perspective is a neat thing and it is something you have always had no matter what you may be feeling or so my experience has shown…
    If you need me honey…you know where I am.

  2. I hate to sound like I’m preaching, but learning to control anger at work is very important. Tempers flare occasionally and I have to deal with the individuals and it’s never pleasant for anyone. You don’t want to develop a reputation in the workforce that you’re a loose canon. I wait until I get out of work to let it all out. it comes with practice, me friend :).

  3. Tracy: I know where to find you. Emotions still do have their way with me. I may be that watchful eye for you but sometimes even the Pope needs a confessor. I wonder who that is.

    ChickyBabe: You’re not preaching at all. I am aware of controlling emotions at work, even if tempers might flare out, lashing out at work is the last place to do it especially if you want to remain a professional. Yet even if the temper is under control, that still affects your performance given that it still seethes and burns. Putting away that pride and anger for the sake of work is still one thing that I need work. Not that I can’t do my job, but I know I could be way better at it.

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