You Can’t Let Go Of The Ones You Love

Can someone who’s in love with another person be in a relationship with someone else? I guess I should know better to a question like that, seeing that it’s usually my job to deal with things like this. The sad thing is that for the most part…anything is possible…which means as much as I would like to think of it as something that shouldn’t happen, the reality is that it happens. Quite obviously in my face.

Yes…I know it’s been more than a year, but there is not a part of me that feels sad and happy at once everytime I manage to strike a conversation with her. Not a part of me that doesn’t flashback to the times when we would be together. Not a part of me that doesn’t still scream at the world when she turned around and walked away.

It doesn’t help that I know that she still loves me…somewhere in the heart she walled up once again. The times she admitted she was wrong about her hiding from the world. The moments she tell me how much she misses me. The hints saying she’s jealous of me. Come on, I’m going on one date…you’re in a relationship with someone else. People don’t get jealous over that unless it’s over something or someone the truly desired.

Which is where my great big dilema lies. You see, when you have been in a relationship so deep and so consuming as what I had even if it was for a brief moment, things like that, experiences like that stay with you for the rest of your life. You may be able to move on but you can never let go. Even if you do move on, it’s always reluctantly and in truth…you’re just hiding what you truly feel from the world in order to show that you’re able to function with it.

Maybe I haven’t moved on because she can’t let me go. Maybe I can never move on until I have back what was lost. People always tell me that time heals all. They lie. Wounds like this never heal, they burn with you for the rest of your life until somone comes along and carefully mend the wounds. Maybe I can never move on until I find another reason to love someone else.

It’s just sad that the catch-22 here is that the way I feel and act right now isn’t going to be an attractive quality for any girl. Which is probably the real answer to the question “If I’m that nice a person, why am I still single?”. Why can’t be life be simple? Because no one said it was going to be easy. Because at end of it, we’re the ones that make it hard on ourselves for whatever reason we cling on to. That is the price we pay for being human. That is the price we pay for having the ability to feel.

This is the price I pay for giving myself so completely to a person and changed everything in my life. Some things in life are worth the lifetime of misery it gives. Misery or not, I don’t look back in regret. Misery or not, for those moments I truly lived, it was worth it. Every single moment of it.

9 thoughts on “You Can’t Let Go Of The Ones You Love

  1. hei there edrei! it’s been awhile.

    great post here, and honestly yea, it’s one of the few that i can really relate to when reading them.

    anyways, to let go of the past? it’s not as easy as it sounds. your opinion is that we can move on, but never let go. correct me i erred alright? hmm, i beg to differ, as in some way, it is possible to actually let go. Time does alot for the human soul, in ways we never thought possible. It’s just one of those things the human mind will never be able to digest, or understand.

    Some of these are better left unanalysed, and unsaid…that way, perhaps life can offer greener pastures in future. Perhaps that way, we can all just walk on and live out the rest of our tenure here on Earth.

    Peace brotha.

  2. You’re cute, I like that optimism. Of course, realistically…it’s much different. When you reached that point…you’ll understand. 🙂

  3. It’s just sad that the catch-22 here is that the way I feel and act right now isn’t going to be an attractive quality for any girl.

    Some girls may find that a challenge. The question is then, will they love you for you, or because you’re a challenge?

  4. Hey man, I understand each and every word and can feel it right now… as I am going thru same stage as you are. You definitely need somebody else to fill the gap. It will lessen ur pain.
    Though its hard to do than to say, but you have to try. I wish you a better life and… please pray for me too 😀

    Peace and love,

  5. “You definitely need somebody else to fill the gap. It will lessen ur pain.”

    COMPLETELY incorrect. i found someone else to fill the gap and they are wonderful, but all the situation serves to do in my life is make me feel badly that i dont love them as much as the ex. makes me realize that if i had my way, i would be with the ex. a very sad, daily realization, indeed. without “someone else to fill the gap”, the pain is less because it is one persons pain – your own. with a second person involved, there is more sadness and disappointment and all feelings are amplified. dont be with someone else until youre ready to. imagine – what if youre with someone to fill the gap, as the person above me said, and if you werent with that someone (that youre not even in love with like you were with the ex), you and your ex could end up being together sooner or (more likely) later? you never know. all youre doing by settling is either sabotaging your emotional health, screwing over another innocent person that loves you and has no idea of whats in your head, or missing out on possibilities.

    having said that, you cannot dwell on the ex. if there is someone to focus on when youre broken souled (versus hearted), it is you. do good, healthy things for yourself and improve your quality of life. that way, you know the efforts you put it into THAT relationship, you will forever have.

    good luck.

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