Excerpts From The Bloody Long Walk I

The world wasn’t going to end with a whimper. It was going to end in a sea of screams, blood and torn flesh. It would have been delicious if it wasn’t so sickening. At least that was what was going through Trevor’s head as he was watching the live coverage of the events that were unfolding in the cities beyond Sleepy Haven.

At first, they were calling it a new form of rabies. Then eventually news networks all around the world called it for what human beings all over had only seen on TV and the big screen, a zombie epidemic. Half the world thought it was a joke. Some of it thought that it was the end of the world. The rest could only hear the impending moans and the screams of people being torn to pieces and eaten alive while praying to whatever Gods they worshiped.

Trevor on the other hand belonged to the group that knew this was it for humanity. That it was the big one that could end it all. He knew that if there was ever a time for the world to end, he would forever remember this moment as the time when he was having dinner. Not that it did anything to impede his voracious appetite.

While Trevor unwavering attention was centered on the TV as live news reports filtered in on cities besieged by the walking undead, there he was, he arms wrapped tight around a young blond girl he had went out on a date with earlier in the night. His sharp extended canine teeth now piercing the veins on her neck, engorging himself on the blood that bled from the wound. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that Trevor himself was just another form of the walking undead. The irony was not lost on him.

Trevor looked up and chuckled, even though his mind was racing to deal with the situation at hand.

He looked down on his meal. Her eyes closed. Her face echoing with an orgasmic ecstasy that she had just experience. She was a pretty young thing who knew how to flaunt her beauty. It’s too bad that she would probably be dead soon.

Trevor laid her down gently on the couch, tucking her in with a blanket he’d found in her room. It would have been a small mercy to drain her dry on the spot, with bliss on her face and the last memory of a pleasant date, but it was a habit that Trevor wasn’t about to break. Never again. While she would forget the last few hours of her night out, accounting it to having “too much to drink”, thanks to a little gift that Trevor posessed, it wouldn’t have helped in any way against the inevitable bloodshed that would soon follow.

In a matter of moments, the young blond was alone in a silent house. She would not find a trace of ever inviting her date inside come the morning after.


Even though it was 2 in the morning, Emma was wide awake working on the bills for the house when Trevor appeared to her out from nowhere. She wasn’t at all surprised, let alone startled. She could feel him approaching miles away. Just as she could feel his hunger satiate as he fed upon the helpless girl. Just as she felt his anxiousness and alertness as he was coming home from his date. The anxiousness worried her a little.

“You’re home early.” Emma’s voice echoed no trace of what she felt.

“Turn on the news” Trevor was always straight to the point.

Emma took a deep breath in as she watched the grisly events unfold before her on the news. People were dying horribly, but that wasn’t what fazed her. It was the fact that the dead were rising to claim bloodied victims of their own that sent chills down her spine. She knew there were things in this world that can’t be explained, but it was one thing to know about it and quite another to witness it happening right in front of you.

Trevor sensed her discomfort.

“You alright?”

“It…it seems so surreal.” Emma whispered with a quiver in her voice.

“Any less surreal when you first met me?” Trevor’s teased with amusement, but Emma was still too shocked to take the bait.

“This…this is something else entirely. I don’t even know how I should react to this. It’s like a part of my brain just can’t accept this to be real.”

Trevor slowly draped his arms around Emma from behind. A comforting hug. It felt warm despite Trevor’s lack of body heat. Emma rested her head against Trevor’s face, giving herself to the comforts of his embrace.

“Well…I’m pretty real to you right now and you accepted me all the same. This is no different.”

Emma tilted her head up with the cynical glare she was known for.

“Ok. So it’s a little more different than our usual everyday lifestyle, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t handle it the same way you’ve been handling it all for past 5 years.”

Emma turned around and wrapped her arms around Trevor’s body, holding him tight. “With one day at a time?” Her voice still shaky.

“Yes my dear human companion. With one day at a time.” His voice reverberating with a hypnotic calm. Yet Emma knew better. His feelings as clear as sunlight shown through a polished crystal. Underneath all that poised confidence and warm tones. For the first time in decades since he was born a vampire.

Trevor was scared shitless.

It should also be noted that when I wrote this opening scene to the story, I was also drunk and it took me a little less than a hour. I can only surmise that being inebriated makes me care less about trying to find the right words and just lets me express it the way it should be. So of course there is a moral to this part of the story. It’s that I should drink more. But hey, I know I can live with that. I’m just not sure my wallet can.

2 thoughts on “Excerpts From The Bloody Long Walk I

  1. WOW. That was good! Though I’m not very much into vampires and zombies and blood, I have a feeling this is going to be a page turner. Seriously!

    Well done!

  2. The blood hasn’t really started yet at this point. Next excerpt on the other hand hints just that.

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