Excerpts From The Bloody Long Walk V

It’s becoming a constant battle between trying to achieve a daily wordcount and trying to control where the story leads to. While many people see NaNoWriMo as an excuse to let their imagination roam free and often write without so much as an idea what’s going to happen next, I don’t think I could do the same. In my case, I have to know the big picture that is the plot to know how I’m going to write the story. I can’t just let my characters create the story because I would be liable to create a story without an ending that I like, if I can come up with an ending at all.

So it has been a tricky run throughout because I decided to change my story last minute to what it is now. I never had time to detail my characters or even construct a proper sequence of events that leads up to the end of the novel. All I had was an idea, a couple of characters and a goal (which is to be the ending), the rest of it was left to my imagination. What came of it is day after day of just trying to come up with the right words for the right moments and events that made sense after. Overall, it’s been ridiculously tough just to “wing” most of it. Though despite it all, with the limited free time, the lack of focus, the creativity hole and the constant need to find a proper thesaurus, I am having fun just watching my story take shape.

And that’s all that really matters, that you love and enjoy what you’re doing no matter how crappy you feel it’s going to turn out. You can’t ask for a simpler passion and that’s what NaNoWriMo is really about. A 30 day journey to find out or remind you why you write in the first place.

That being said, here are some excerpts of my latest chapter. It took me a while to fonish because I was so busy over the weekends and it’s significantly the longest chapter I’ve wrote so far. As always, comment give some feedback and enjoy.

Within no time at all, Trevor and Emma were ready to trek into the unknown. Unlike when they first left, they did not know where they were heading to this time. All they knew was they had to find some remnant of human civilisation. A place where it was protected and secure against a zombie horde. Since it was almost a month since all hell had broken loose, no one knew how much of the world had survived. Perhaps the nearest city or town might hold some clues. It sounded like a suicide mission, but that sounded a whole lot better than waiting for the end.

The sun had just set over the horizon when Emma walked out of the cabin with two machetes strapped to her back. Trevor had finish reattaching the blood pack fridge to the back of the truck. His voice could not hold back his surprise.

“What are you doing?”

“What do you mean? I’m getting ready to leave.” Emma answered back as matter-of-factly as possible.

“I know you are, but what are you doing with my machete?”

“I’m using it.”

Trevor was still confused. “Why are you using it? You have already have a perfectly good one.”

“I figure it would be better for me use two machetes instead of one when I’m taking on a zombie. It gives me something to protect myself with and you know…just in case I’m dealing with more than one zombie at a time.”

Trevor was speechless. Where was this imposter and what had she done with the real Emma? “Em, are you…okay by any chance?”

“Yes I’m perfectly fine. I just…” Emma took a deep breath. “This is the best way I know how to protect you. I’m a crap shot and you’re way better with a gun than I’ll ever be. You need your daytime kip. That much I know is important, but I can’t go waking you up everytime I run into a few zombies here and there. You know better than I do the consequences of what happens when you stay awake during the day. We don’t even know how long we’ll be out there looking for a place to stay.”

Emma had a point and Trevor knew it. Still, couldn’t she have changed slowly instead of flicking a switch. When it rains, it certainly does pour. Then again, given the situation, he had to give in to it. It was the best course of action and Trevor couldn’t turn away from it. He tossed Emma the holstered handgun at her.

“At least carry a gun with you. If you can take out a few of them from a distance, it is at least better than wading through them hand to hand.” Emma started to buckle the holster to her hip.

“And while you’re at it, Ms Rambo, grab the rifles and the ammunition as well. I haven’t loaded that up yet. I’ll going to try and secure the equipment to the truck better this time. I don’t want to repeat what happened the last time.”

“Yes master!” Emma’s giggled, her voice was full with an almost kiddish excitement. She really had changed. It was going to take Trevor more than a little time to get used to it.

And more action scenes.

“Must go faster. Faster.”

Emma was mumbling almost incoherantly as the adrenaline coursed through her blood. She felt the cold empty nothing as she lunged at the next zombie which was by the truck’s diver side door. It was about to turn to face Emma. A particularly ironic situation considering it was usually Emma that turned to face an approaching undead.

She plunged the first blade into the neck of the zombie. The undead was trying to turn around, but Emma held it fast with the machete. Instead, it’s arm was trying to lash out and grab at Emma, but it couldn’t really reach her because of it was still facing forward and the machete had a pretty good reach. Using the first machete as leverage, Emma twisted the second machete and swung up towards the flailing arm. It fell with a sickening fleshy thud. If the zombie was trying to moan, it certainly couldn’t now with a large blade protruding from its throat. However, the third zombie didn’t have that particular handicap. Emma heard its long hungry groan. It was a groan enough.

Emma slowly twisted the machete back and forth in the neck of the helpless zombie and using the free machete again, hacked the neck off by the base of the spine. Even for a creature without any heart to pump out blood, it was still very messy, but Emma didn’t care. The bloodied head, attached only by pieces of skin and sinew, tumbled along with the body, joining its severed arm on the ground. “And that’s the end of that.” thought Emma aloud as she turned to meet the last oncoming zombie.

While its one outstretched arm was reaching out to Emma, its right arm looked like it had been gnawed off, though Emma didn’t care. She charged at the zombie with all her might, doing all that she could to surpress the urge to yell out as she did for fear of doing worse damage in attracting other undead than the zombie’s own moan. Emma charged. The zombie moaned. The machete blade drove right into its mouth and up into its the skull, instantly killing the zombie. The sudden weight of the now deanimated corpse forced Emma down with it as her machete was lodge deep into its brain stem. She let the blade go and the body slid down, lifeless and dead as it should be.

She stared at the body of the zombie whose unlife she just ended. If anyone could see her now, she would have scared the crap out of a lot of people. Emma’s bared her teeth with a savage ferocity. Her chest and shoulders heaved everything she breathed in and out, giving the impression of a animal on the hunt. Sweat glistened all over her skin as blood, body fluid and other indescribable bits were splattered all over her hair, face, body and clothes. Underneath her intense haunting eyes, just past the broken peices of her soul, was a cold killer awakening, hungry for blood, itching for the slaughter. She was definitely her master’s servant, worthy of being his day light caretaker.

I was tempted to put in an excerpt of the erotic scene I somehow (miraculously) managed to write and the second even better Twilight mocking scene, but I figure if you guys want it, I’ll skip the chapter six excerpts and put those instead. Like I said, this is a long chapter, but if you want it. You got it.

2 thoughts on “Excerpts From The Bloody Long Walk V

  1. The action scene was very well done. 😀 It was a slow process of watching that zombie die, and I really was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t a shout from Emma, but I can understand why.

    A suggestion: If you need padding, add in the sense of smell. So far I’ve yet to see anyone handle that well (what zombies smell like anyway). 😀

  2. Naoko: I did write about the smell. I think it’s in the first excerpt. They smell like death…and beans.

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