Excerpts From The Bloody Long Walk VII

Nanowrimo Winner!
I did it! 30 days and night and I did it! I finished 50,000 words, essentially completing NaNoWriMo! Of course, my story is far from over but it just goes to show that even the least capable and talented of us are good for something if we really try hard enough. That being said, I will keep writing my story, just not in the same kind of blitz as I did over the month of November. It’s still far from done and at least I can take my time to work out the rest of the plot, which I couldn’t when I was writing.

I guess, at the end of the day, the people I owe a hell lot to are Mel, who kept wanting me to read the story as I wrote it as her bedtime story. She kinda kept encouraging me to keep up with my writing because I would finish reading faster than I wrote, plus being a picky reader, she actually liked my writing and without bias as well.

Another person I owe for this crazy feat is our regional Australian Elsewhere co-municipal liason Miss Mimic. She encouraged me to keep going when I felt worn out. It helped a lot too that she too shared the same love in speculative fiction and proper (meaning non-Twilight) stories. It helped me focus on the monsters in my characters and for that, I couldn’t thank her enough.

Last but not least, the people who popped in an our of the Australian Elsewhere chatrooms. Although things kinda died towards the end because we had to shift rooms, in the times that I connected with these people, I felt pressured (in a good way) and inspired to keep writing. They helped keep my morale up as well as my stubbornness to keep going no matter what the cost because they were all better than me. For that much I owe you gratitude. You guys pushed me to finish my 50,000 words.

So what happens now that I’ve finished NaNoWriMo? Well, aside from keep on writing, I’ll probably edit my work once I’m done. I’ll give some people a copy of that work and if the reactions are good enough… maybe… just maybe… I’ll think about actually publishing. It’s a dream of mine to write a novel and despite my scientific roots, fiction was what inspired me to take on that mantle in the first place. I owe it some form of payback and maybe, this is just that. That being said, assuming that I’m free next year, I’ll still be doing NaNoWriMo. I’ve even got a nice fun plot all ready for it. Until then, here are the last excerpts from the next chapter of the story. I won’t be putting any more unless people ask for it, which I doubt anyone will. Until next year, this is one NaNoWriMo winner, signing off.

Survivors! And the first order of business my main character was to feed on them. How delicious.

Laura’s blushed bright red, which in the dim light looked like her face had darkened. She looked down in embarrassment as Trevor turned to face her. He liften up he chin and slowly gave kissed her on her lips. She gave in and kissed Trevor back slowly bringing her arms around to embrace him. It was Trevor’s cue that his dinner was ready.

Slowly, he kissed Laura inching his way to her neck. So memsmerised by Trevor’s hypnotic glamour, she didn’t resist but simply gave into the moment. Trevor continued to kiss but avoided biting on the neck. He wasn’t sure if Laura would heal in time for morning, so he didn’t want to risk raising questions. He slowly made way for the vein that rested underneath the collarbone. It was tricker to get, but vampires make for excellent phlebotomists. Laura gasped as his fangs pierced the skin, flooding the wound with the clot preventing, pleasure inducing saliva.

Trevor drank the life giving liquid, savouring the taste that he has missed for so long. It wasn’t that Emma was any different, but since she had been donating almost regularly and so little each time, it was like having eating the same small piece of roast for days. No matter how much you love it, eventually you will get tired of it. Laura’s blood was practically caviar to Trevor as he made little noises expressing just how good it tasted. Laura on the other was writhing in pleasure as vampire chemicals spread throughout her body. Trevor had to hold her tight to keep her from buckling her knees and falling down.

Since Trevor had fed a little before the trio’s arrival, at least he knew at some point he had to stop. Still, with bloodlust in his own veins and the metallic coppery taste of Laura’s blood in his mouth, he knew it was going to be hard to just take his mouth away from the steadily bleeding bite. Unfortunately, just when he was about to finish, they were inturrupted by a torchlight shining at them.

“What do you think both of you are doing?” Bernard’s gruff voice seemed to boom over the still night air.

Trevor was so engrossed in feeding off Laura that he didn’t even notice Benard sneaking up on them, or maybe he was good at sneaking up at people though Trevor doubted it. He pulled away from Laura’s chest, temporarily blinded by the light in his eyes. With his canines bared and bloody and his lips red rimmed with blood, Trevor didn’t think a midnight nookie would be enough of an excuse to hide or explain the sight.

“Oh shit.” Was all Trevor could say. It wasn’t exactly his most eloquent moment.

Again, trying to demonstrate the monsters in my characters. This zombie apocalypse isn’t about how humanity triumphs. It’s about how much inhumanity makes sense against people’s (in)ability to rationalise their fears.

“What have you done?” Trevor was starting to tired of being asked that question.

“I did what I had to. He was going to shoot me. You know the drill. Two men go in. One man comes out.”

Trevor looked up and Isaac stepped closer to see what his brain refused to register despite the torchlight illuminated background. If feeding on Laura was relatively clean before, nearly ripping out Bernard’s throat had resulted in Trevor’s face being a mess of blood. Streaks of blood had gushed from the arterial pressure at some point, drenching his shirt and pants. Yet his eyes were the most terrifying of all, they weren’t bloodshot or opaque, they weren’t glowing or alien-like in any way. Trevor’s eyes were simply human. Bright eyed and utterly normal, as if he just finished a good meal and was engaged in a particularly interesting after dinner conversation.

Isaac gasp stopped at his throat, his mind refused to believe what he was seeing. He started to stagger back, away from the horrifying scene he just witness. He wanted to run away screaming into the night. Despite his wide vocabulary, Isaac couldn’t think of any other word to describe the situation at hand. There was only one word that flashed through his mind over and over again.


He turned around and started to run towards the car and ran into Emma who was trailing behind. Isaac grabbed Emma’s hand and tried to pull her away.

“Quick! We have to get out of here! Your friend! He’s become a monster!”

Emma, startled, stood her ground despite Isaac’s frantic tugs. “Huh? What are you taking about?”

Isaac was practically hysterical “Damnit woman! He killed Laura and Bernard! He’s…he’s vampir!”

“Oh.” Emma’s monotone voice was reflected in her emotionless expression “I guess that’s regretable then.”

“What…?” Isaac’s eyes were opened wide in shock and surprise as the realisation dawned on him. Emma twisted his arm around and with her free hand, she unsheathed a machete, plunging it into Isaac’s lower back. Its bloodied edge slid out of his lower chest. Blood gurgled out of Isaac’s mouth, his consciousness and life slipping away as Emma twisted the machete back and forth opening the wound even further.

“I’m so so sorry. In fact, I kinda liked you.” whispered Emma, her voice sincere though her heart void of all feeling.

“You’re…all…monsters.” Isaac managed to spit out, blood running down his mouth and chin.

“That may be, but this is who we are and that is what we have to live with.”

Isaac closed his eyes and breathed out for the last time, Emma’s haunting remark would be the last words he woud hear.

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  1. Hey Ed, I was back in Melaka for a girlfriend’s wedding at the end of November, and though I kept reminding myself to check back on you, I forgot. Anyway, congratulations for successfully completing the 50,000 words challenge, and yes, if you would share your novel with me, I’d be delighted to read it 🙂

    Congrats once again!

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