Ed sat down, tired from his day at work. It wasn’t a particularly busy day, but it wasn’t exactly a light one either. It was just the constant cycling back and forth from work. A lot of which tired him out pretty fast. He needed to get fit. Ironically, that was the excuse he gave himself when he bought the bike in the first place.

“You know, with all the cycling you’ve been doing, I would have expected you to be a little fitter by now.” Rei sat down on the bed beside him, her words echoing his own thoughts. They always did.

“Or I could just get a license and buy a car.” Ed mused.

“Would you want to add more things on your plate than you have right now?”

“No, but…”

“Then there isn’t any point now is there?”

Rei tends to be right on the money. She was Ed’s more practical conscience. “Well let me give you a little more food for thought then while you’re sitting there musing to yourself.” Ed turned to Rei with thoughtful look, her grinning visage hiding an otherwise cold, ruthless practicality that Ed had grown accustomed to over the months.

“By the time you’re done, she’ll want to run her hands all over that lean muscle of a body you’ll soon have.” Rei was always to the point.

“I suppose that’s something to look forward to.” Ed could only smile at the thought of it. No doubt, Rei would also enjoy that moment just as much.

“Exactly. Now do me one favour while you’re ahead.” Rei said, suddenly in a serious tone.

Startled, Ed gave her his full attention. “Whatcha need?”

“Could you pleased take a shower? I don’t know what germs you brought back from the lab, but I sure as hell don’t want it on me with you sitting there all sweaty.”

Ed chuckled and begin to strip off his work clothes as he got up. After all, when Rei demanded. It was always best to never disobey her every command.

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