It’s Full Of Stars

20mm f1.7 ISO 400. 5 image panoramic stitch.
20mm f1.7 ISO 400. 5 image panoramic stitch.

“To reach for the heavens, you first have to learn to look up” – Some guy on the internet.

If portrait photography is my thing, then astrophotography is my unicorn. A unicorn that has been cooked via sous vide and served with a side of rainbow coloured sautéed artichokes. Wait, that analogy doesn’t make sense. Let’s start again.

Astrophotography hit me pretty early into my photography foray. There is something magical about looking at photos of Milky Way that inspires me in ways that give me goosebumps. Or maybe as a city boy, looking up at a sky full of stars was just something I never could do, until now.

The problem is that what I can do, is nowhere close to the images that other people have pulled off. To be honest, most of the time, I’m just winging what I do, being unable to figure out where the limitations of my skills end and there the limitations of my camera begins. I guess, that’s part of the journey if you ever want to master something. Figure out how much you suck at it, then figure out what you can do to not suck. It’s a simple enough method. Pulling it off, is just hard work.

Yet, I think I’m getting there, somewhere, somehow. It’s just a matter of time and persistence. I think I can manage that.

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