Cool Customers

My love for penguins is well known among my peers. The only people that I know who love it as much as I do are my ex and Cas. That being said, we all have our own reasons for loving these cool customers. I love them simply because they are an oddity amongst its own class. Clumsy on land, magnificent in its natural hunting grounds and perhaps one of the most understated animals in the world; if you don’t count the fact they are featured exclusively in at least 2 documentaries and several movies to boot. Yet even if you do, some of them are still very much the underdog (underbird?) trying to survive in desolate places where few would dare thread.

All this of course, with their inherent cuteness and their seemingly awkward clumsiness in the public eye gives them the perfect smoke screen and opportunity to slowly take over the world. Well, I for one welcome our tuxedo dressed future overlords. One can only hope that my aspiration and respect for their kind, along with my seemingly endless number of paraphernalia, will spare me from their onslaught on the chosen day. The day the penguins will rise up and claim the world as was rightfully theirs.

The day they finally get their opposable thumbs.

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