Deceptive Charm

One of the earliest life rules I’ve learned to enforce is that looks can be deceiving, only because as a socially awkward nerd throughout my schooling life, people would had plenty of reasons to always pass me over. It didn’t matter that I had something worthwhile to offer, but at that age, looks, or at least what you portray on the outside matter more to people than the person you really are.

So over the years, I connected with those that suffered the same fate. Whether it be people easily judged by their covers or objects shoved into a corner because they looked worn and used, I gave them all a fair chance. In a way, it gave me some sort of solace to know that I’m doing what I can, never doing to others what they have done to me. On the other hand, it’s a constant reminder that even today, appearances still do play its part in dancing the social game; and as for someone whose social skills are still lacking, has a slight disadvantage in any situation that involves playing nice to people.

Ultimate, I’ve learned to live with my awkwardness, still collecting and empathising with those that feel like they have been cast away. It is my own treasure trove of hidden gems. One that I so jealously guard from the prying eyes of those that never appreciated them before. A place I can always return to when I need a reminder that I am not alone, and there is always a deceptive beauty in the things and people we take for granted, waiting for someone to appreciate them for who and what they are.

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