Dogs Of War

Being a gamer from a young age, it’s hard to explain to people why I never picked up physical sports. Whenever people ask me what team sports I play, I would always rattle off my favourite multiplayer games of the moment, only to be met by blank stares or looks of disapproval. Only then do I start listing down the parallels between sports and games.

Parallel 1. There is no “I” in team – Regardless of whether it’s virtual or not, almost all multiplayer games rely on teamwork to win.
Parallel 2. You burn energy to reach the end – Playing long hours with hair trigger reactions to constantly changing events will tire you out.
Parallel 3. Skills are good but equipment is better – Do pro tennis player use wooden racquets anymore? Neither would competitive gamers play with stock keyboard and mice.
Parallel 4. Turning Pro gives you money to go – Yes there are professional gamers. Yes they do play for money and prizes yearly.
Parallel 5. The adoring fans – Yes, we can go to pubs now and cheer for our favourite gaming team fight to win.

So really, it’s a new world and computer gaming is just part of it. I just happen to belong to that world where the games I play to win are the ones where I look at my screen and go all out until my heart is beating 120 times a minute, and I’m the only one left standing. Having played actual sports before, I can assure you, that feeling of the win is no different either way.

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