Happy Birthday Melissa

It’s not everyone that celebrates their birthday on some nationwide public holiday. It can suck a little when a lot of places close down because of it. Though in the end, it’s about the company that you spend your day with, and not the gifts, nor the celebration that makes it all worthwhile.

So I may not be the best,
I may not that kind.
I may not be just like the rest,
Yet you don’t seem to mind.

How we met briefly on a chance,
That day I seemed to forget.
Now we find time to randomly dance,
and munch on a tasty baguette.

It fills me to unbound wonder,
How different we are apart.
Still our bond grows stronger,
As does the feeling of my heart.

And so we fit, the perfect hand in glove,
With another memory on our eternal shore.
Happy Birthday Melissa, my queen, my love,
For a lifetime shall we keep forevermore.

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