Home Is Where The Food Is

The only problem with living in Australia is the lack of good food around. Australians aren’t really known for their culinary prowess, and when you live inland Australia, the amount of people that appreciate good food are almost non-existent. For a foodie like Melissa and myself, this poses a lingering annoyance that spurs our wanderlust in search of good food to eat. For the most part, the foods don’t measure up to our standards of experience, but every once in a while we find hidden gems in the places we least expect it. They are moments in which we savour for as long as possible, committing the lingering flavour into our memories and gullet.

Then we repeat the eternal quest all over again. It’s a big world after all. So little time, so many things to try.

2 thoughts on “Home Is Where The Food Is

  1. YES. I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll magically feel at home if I was on the North Pole, but there was a great, authentic Chinese restaurant there.

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