Important Meals

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and even if I do know that, it’s not like it’s a habit I routinely commit to. Unless of course there is someone I that I have a urge to cook for.

The thing about being a bachelor after all these years was that even though I basically lived on instant ramen turned culinary masterpieces along with all the other geeked out university inspired meals, it did not dull my sense of taste. It was just that I never felt like upping my standard of cooking nor eating at the right hours unless there was always someone around to share in my love for all things delicious.

In a sense, that’s one of the few things that Melissa and I share. Our love for food and the eternal adventure to find new and tasty things to savour. For me at least, it’s the reality that I now have someone to share my creations with for as long as I shall live. As I’ve said before, cooking is science for hungry people. Well, you can’t have your research validated unless it’s been peer reviewed right?

Note: The special bit of the breakfast I made was grilled egg in avocado thanks to a Lifehacker post. Basically you halve the avocado, discarding the pit, then put an egg yolk in the hole after you’ve separated it from the whites. I took the liberty of putting dried oregano, salt and pepper on it before putting under the grill for 5 minutes of so. Variations to the recipe include sprinkling grated cheese and hot sauce on it. Experiment to your taste, because…science remember? The egg whites can be used in other things, which in my case I just scrambled them and served it alongside bread and fried bacon, which was overkill, but who cares? It’s bacon!

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