It’s Never Enough

Contrary to what religious doctrines say, greed can be a force of benefit to all those who employ it in their service. Even if you aspire to have everything when you already have everything, it doesn’t mean you don’t work hard to reach for all the things you want, neither does it mean we don’t selfishly protect the things or the people we call as our own. Of all the so called sins, greed has always been that nagging voice at the back of many people for a greater ambition, ones that perhaps have changed the course of human history for the better.

The way I see it, you can either be content with what you have or you can always reach for things that people tell you are out of your reach. Even if you fail to get it, you know you at least tried, maybe even develop a quality that never gives up. If you do succeed in reaching for the unreachable, then that’s just another thing to cross from your seemingly unending list

They say that material wealth can’t buy happiness. That may be true, but the journey in succeeding to achieve that complete set of material wealth would definitely make someone happy.

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