Leafy Greens

These days I’ve gone to eating a little healthier, not that I’ve completely given up on meat and fast food, but rather I’ve been trying to eat everything I want in much smaller portions than I’m used to eating. Sure I get hungry faster, but at the same time, I’m eating more times a day than I usually do. The result of which is that while I haven’t lost much weight at all, being 1-2 kilos a week, I seem to be losing more fat than anything. Pants that used to fit me nicely are seemingly looser and shirts that couldn’t really fit before now look better on me.

Of course, there are still pockets of fat that I do want to get rid off, but until I get into the habit of exercising, I’m not going to be losing the fat any faster. Not that it has bothered me before with my low self esteem and all, it’s just that in thinking about my future, I want to at least get my cholesterol under control before it nips me in the butt heart.

Thankfully I have Melissa to help me get through this. Not that she’s any less guilty of shovelling junk food into that slim tight body of hers, but as someone who can inexplicably grow strange vegetables from nothing, I’m glad I have someone who can give me my greens. Even if they come in the form of lettuce trees. Don’t ask. She’s as mad a scientist as I am to begin with.

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