Low Tech Guilty Pleasure

Contrary to popular belief that I’m some kind of cyborg, I still do enjoy a good paperback book from time to time. It’s not that my Kindle doesn’t satisfy my need to have a huge library at the tips of my fingers, it’s just that when it comes down to it, some books are worth your time to collect and keep as physical memories for an uncertain future.

That was why I bought the Kindle to begin with. Not because I think books are a dead end technology, but because I think it’s good to scout out as much books that I can without having to bother about buying them or walking all the way to my local library in order to read them. In that aspect, I would admit to pirating my fair share of books if only to see if it’s a good read.

The result of which is the troublesome possibility that I might need a bigger shelf in the end. Such is a price to pay for being a pack rat, but at least I have high standards doing so.

Note: “Kill the Dead” featured in the picture is the second book in the Sandman Slim series by Richard Kadrey. I recommend the series especially if you’re a fan of urban fiction and anti-heroes with dark undertones. While the first book “Sandman Slim” is a little rough around the edges and evident of a shaky start, this one and the third book “Aloha From Hell” is in fact quite a read.

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