Nary A Threat

I’ve finally got off my butt and started designing the new theme for this blog. Seeing that I’ve been doing Project 365+1, I might as well redo the site to something a little fresher. Of course, giving it my all doesn’t mean that I’ll become an expert in web design. I pose no threat to those who make a living off it. It just means that at the end, I’ll have something a little less generic and with a little luck, actually decent to look at, yet practical at the same time. You know, keeping with the high standards that web designers seem to be proud of.

That being said, expect a lot of complaints, cheers and queries on my Twitter feed when I’m in the midst of building up the layout. It’s one of those humorous things to read when you’ve got nothing better to do and seeing that I’m trying to redesign my blog, it turns out, I’ve got nothing better to do either.

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