On Call

Ringtones are probably the source of my stress at the moment. Even if the ringtone is in the form of some modern noise, as long as my mind registers it as a ringtone, I automatically get jumpy. It’s an occupational hazard turned bad habit, especially after the amount of times I have to answer the phone at work or late at nights when I’m sound asleep in my bed.

I forsee that eventually I’m going to be diagnosed with some stress disorder relating to the phone and ordered to stay far from it for a period of time. Not that I mind since people rarely call me over the phone for personal things anyway.

So if you do happen to call me over the phone, don’t be surprised if I answer it with “Pathology, Ed speaking.”. The bright side is, you’ll know you got a hold of me over the phone. Even if you didn’t just make me pump a load of adrenalin in my body as I answered your call.

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