A ChickyBabe For A Weary Mind

Since she’s sick and I’ve got far too many things to do to come up with a sensible post, I thought I might as well do a ChickyBabe and clear all these thoughts from my head before they start blocking the door. Think of it as a small tribute but without having anyone dying or be really old.

  1. For some reason, I have this odd sense of euphoria when someone thinks I’m actually married with a kid. I hate to think that’s actually my biological clock coming sooner than expected.
  2. I’m finally giving in and liking rice porridge now, especially when it’s freezing cold and it actually looks and tastes like some thick soup.
  3. Is it wrong to be jealous of people who get more attention than you, especially since you worked so hard within the rules to carve your own space in the first place?
  4. Sometimes the only wall between you and goal is your own fear that you will actually succeed.
  5. There is just too little time in the day to do all the things I need to do. Either that or the early winter is really screwing with my internal clock.
  6. I really don’t like it when people come out from nowhere accusing me of things when I’m either about to go do something important like sleep.
  7. I’ve got to remind myself that there will always be assholes in the world and soon, most of them will be used to heat up my house.
  8. Have you ever noticed that “Forever” is almost always a really long time in bed?

Now I think I can get started on things.

2 thoughts on “A ChickyBabe For A Weary Mind

  1. Hehe… that’s cute! I’ll give this a go, still not feeling the best:

    1. Face it, you’re a woman!
    2. More for you then, I hate the stuff. Reminds me of when I was a sick little girl. Wait, I still am.
    3. Nope. Happens to the best of us. (Jeez, you are sounding like me :P)
    4. Break it down. Success is euphoric.
    5. Ditto. Just don;t get sick, and you’ll have little time.
    6. Shut them out till the morning if you can.
    7. The world can’t exist without assholes. It’s the glue that keeps it all togehter.
    8. Um…no.

  2. 1. In this relationship, someone has to be the girl. 🙂
    2. Well, my mother fed me to death with it as a kid. This on the other hand isn’t so bad and isn’t it good for you now that you’re not feeling well?
    3. Aww shucks. I learn from the best. 🙂
    4. Depends on what you have to pay to reach success in the end.
    5. Definitely trying my best not to.
    6. If I can. But tomorrow should always be a brand new day.
    7. Well, a little in the right places is a good thing. You wouldn’t want glue all over the place making a mess now don’t you?
    8. Think about it. At least it seems that way to me.

    Rest and get well will ya? A lot of people would like you to be in top form soon. 🙂

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