Chickybabe For A Technogeek

Following tradition of those short random posts on lazy Sunday afternoons.

  1. I’ve decided to forgo buying a new phone and instead invest myself in a new camera. Albert recommended the Canon Powershot A540 for my case as a step up to Mel’s A400 which I’ve been using all this time. Unless anyone can recommend a better blogger’s camera, that’ll be it.
  2. I wonder if it’s bad to sell the present your parents bought for your birthday simply because you barely used it. Not that I don’t appreciate it, but the Olympus FE-115 isn’t exactly a camera that I can use given the capabilities I’m used to. I wonder if anyone else would be willing to buy it?
  3. In the world of technology, it’s always best to let a hardcore technogeek decide what they want. More often than not, gifts for them just involve supplying the money to pay for it.
  4. I’m bored enough to start messing around and investing in sites that I would have never bothered to look at before. If you’re just as bored as me with an itchy mouse finger, check out Twitter and MyBlogLog. One is just a glorified instant asides site and the other might actually be the next best thing.
  5. I’ve hooked up the now obsolete Sarah-IV to the television. It isn’t exactly high definition, but at least I don’t have to watch all the downloaded movies, shows and anime on a smaller monitor screen. Movie nights at home just got a whole lot more interesting.

Now to enjoy the rest of those movies I have.

4 thoughts on “Chickybabe For A Technogeek

  1. Well, guess who’s back on the blog again? Me.. 🙂

    Anyway, I’m thinking of getting a DSLR to play around with photos in future. But before that, I need a new computer. Can’t play many games to date. T_T

    You take care and I’m updating my blog again.

  2. 1. I’m a huge fan of the Canon 350D (now 400) DSLR, but they can be pricey.
    2. Is guilt worth the $$? That would be your answer.
    3. Yup! And don’t assume because I’m a girl I want a pink phone.
    4. MyBlogLog is a waste of time, I found. I never check it.
    5. Does it make you pop corn too? 😛

  3. Danny: I thought you’ve been back for a while? Cause I’ve been reading your posts. I’m not going for a DSLR, it’s too bulky for me. I wanted to go for something smaller but just as flexible. That’s why I thought of something like the A400.

    1. Yeah, though DSLR’s are out of the question for me. How do you carry it around without it being conspicuous anyway?
    2. Guilt? What guilt?
    3. What about a pink PDA cover. 😛
    4. I seem to be getting a lot of coverage from MyBlogLog, more than I thought I would.
    5. Only if the processor overheats in summer. Sure…why not? 😛

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