Chickybabe For An Empty Mind

I’m starting to think that it’s that time of the month for me again. Days where my life seems as uneventful as the blank page in which I stared at for a day trying to bring to words what lay in my thoughts. Maybe I’m just tired. Maybe there isn’t much to be said on cold winter days. Maybe I need to do another Chickybabe.

  1. How is it I can find the right words as a friend in need, but never that as a friend in want? Why is it I can only get people to listen to me only when they are in trouble and not any time before that?
  2. Looking back at being a friend in need, I’m starting to feel that saying “I told you so” just doesn’t cut it anymore.
  3. I realized that the uncertain future carries with it the fear that I will once again lose a woman I now love. It’s regretable that I can’t stop the ticking clock of time. But life always goes on, regardless of my fear and worries. I just hope I have the conviction to see myself through what lies ahead.
  4. There is a difference between being self-dependent and self-centered. Unfortunately you can’t really tell one from the other when you’ve never given yourself any reason to appreciate the life you have.
  5. There is a certain sense of pride and pleasure that comes when I realize that for a guy who doesn’t look like much, being able to win the girls especially those who were always out of reach does have their just rewards. Is it wrong when one of them happens to be yelling “In your face!” to the people that claim to have a social life?

If only my thoughts aren’t so chaotic. Oh how they’d make great topics to talk about.

4 thoughts on “Chickybabe For An Empty Mind

  1. 1. Because a friend in need is in a more desparate situation. Because that’s human nature, desperate times again.
    2. A friend in need doesn’t want to hear “I told you so”.
    3. There’s always an uncertain future no matter which point of our lives we may be in. Make your own future.
    4. Sel-reliance doesn’t mean you can’t depend on another person.
    5. Nah! Just enjoy it…

  2. 1. Deperation isn’t a reason why I can’t speak my mind in times I want the things I want. I just wish people would heed to warnings when they come before things get worse.
    2. No they don’t. It doesn’t stop me from making a point that next time, they should have listened to begin with.
    3. And when your future is intertwined with that of another? You alone can’t forge that future by yourself.
    4. True that. 🙂
    5. Yeah…in their faces. 🙂

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