Chickybabe For That Chinese New Year

A new post for the new year. My year.

  1. It’s a brand new Chinese New Year. For those of you who know what it is and celebrate it, Happy Chinese New Year. For those of you who don’t celebrate it or haven’t the foggiest idea what it is. Go out there and wish your Chinese friends a happy new year then ask them questions about it because it’s the sensible thing to do.
  2. There is something about a western person helping set up eastern decorations that always amuses me.

    Kim With Lanterns
    Then again, she’s more Chinese than some Chinese I know and boy does she know how to use court shoes for a hammer.

  3. I’m starting to realize that I’ve got a natural knack for cooking good food when my taste buds begin to agree with my creativity. When even Chinese people praise your Hot and Sour soup, you know you’ve hit the jackpot.
  4. As if to start my year with something good, Google decides to start reporting their feed subscribers, upping my Feedreader count by 40%. So like Cas said, to all those that have been reading my blog that I didn’t know off before. Welcome to Footsteps in the Mirror, please don’t hesitate to comment from time to time.
  5. I’m not a person of belief, but for celebrations like Chinese New Year, I tend to make a few exceptions, if only because I like to humour and respect the culture I grew up with. So since it’s the year of the Pig, you can bet your Feng Shui that a good year is going to come around the corner. Knock on wood.
  6. I miss playing cards and Mahjong with friends during Chinese New Year. Maybe I should buy a scratchy card or the lotto this year. Just for the heck of it.
  7. All the preparations for Chinese New Year food and the nights staying up to work on my new blog layout have taken a toll on me. I need sleep or at least some serious rest, but not yet…there is still one more party yet.

9 thoughts on “Chickybabe For That Chinese New Year

  1. Pat: Haha, I never like blackjack. Always thought it was too…simple. If there is a card game. Poker would be it. Of course, I never seen anyone play that during Chinese New Year. 🙂

    Lainie: Yeah I play Mahjong. Got to love it. 🙂 If I was there, I’d entertain you with it. Just watch for my hand though. 🙂

  2. The plugins are on my plugin page. But I screwed up uploading the IP Address database a while back, as a result some countries would be a bit wrong. It’s never really affected me though. I think you’re the first user who’s actually said that your country was wrong. 🙂

  3. ChickyBabe: I wish I had them crackers. Otherwise I would have started with a bang.

    Huei: Happy Chinese New Year to you too and we will be playing cards because we have no Mahjong set. 🙂

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