Chickybabe For The Cold Winter Skies

While people up north are probably enjoying the warm breeze of summer. South side of the equator we’re experiencing quite the opposite.

  1. I know winter has arrived when unhealed wounds from the good old days start acting up really badly. Enough that I’m seriously considering going back to my daily painkiller regime and a walking cane to boot.
  2. The cold cloudy atmosphere these past few days serves to as a point to reminisce about moments worth remembering. Only to realise that I am old enough to think that those moments were the good old days. Has time passed us by that quickly?
  3. Winter should be a time when you have someone warm to snuggle under the blanket with. The solitary moments right now really blows chunks.
  4. Am I the only one that loves the cold solely for the fashion statements that come with winter wear? I’d like to think I’m the only one who has that reason. Vanity after all is one of my favourite sin.
  5. There is always a certain magical charm that comes to small towns during the quiet winter months. The silence of the dark streets may be too much for some city folks but if you stop for a moment and take the serenity in, you’ll find that there is treasure and beauty everywhere.

Doing a “Chickybabe” refers to doing a list of random thoughts and is named in honour of ChickyBabe who awed me with her style of writing, especially when she did her set of random thoughts.

6 thoughts on “Chickybabe For The Cold Winter Skies

  1. I also have a love hate relationship with winter. Love more than hate though. But you made a interesting point, what good is winter when there is no one to cuddle with? For that, I’m so glad it’s summer here!

  2. Haha, the thing about me is that at the end of it, despite growing up in a country where it’s hot all the time, there is something about the cold that I will always love, even without the sharing of the magic.

  3. On no 4, I love winter fashions. Nothing like long coats and scarves being removed to reveal stylish clothes.

  4. Nothing like long coats and scarves to hide the body underneath or at least hint what could be underneath.

  5. As a fashion statement? Who ever thought of ugg boots as a fashion statement must be beyond blind!

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