Chickybabe For The Empty Soul

It’s definitely been a while since I’ve had so many random thoughts in my head at any single moment, so you know what this means though. It’s time for a Chickybabe.

  1. When life becomes routine and everything is set on autopilot, sometimes you have to remind yourself that there is a bigger purpose to life than just what you’re doing now. Lest you end up being stuck in the same plot over and over again. Never going anywhere or amounting to anything.
  2. If there is anything I don’t like, is when there are spontaneous interruptions in my tight schedule. I don’t see how some people can find that “a welcoming distraction”
  3. When the end of a line approaches, is it alright to dread the consequences of your actions prior? Is it even alright to dread the beginning of a line in which you don’t know where it ends?
  4. In the face of all the worry, all the fear and all the doubt, there is a little dark hole in my head I crawl into to make everything go away. A place where I am abstained from everything that a person feels. Right now, I think I need to permanently put a bed and a coffee machine into that hole.
  5. Some days, not even a generous helping of your favourite bourbon on the rocks can make your day feel any better. But it does always put things into perspective. When all is done and gone, it’s always time to refill the glass. Over and over again.

Doing a “Chickybabe” refers to doing a list of random thoughts and is named in honour of ChickyBabe who awed me with her style of writing, especially when she did her set of random thoughts which this is named after.

4 thoughts on “Chickybabe For The Empty Soul

  1. 1. It’s called dangling your motivational carrot.
    2. Agree. They’re only welcome to the person initiating them.
    3. Stop all the dread and just enjoy what may come. Thinking and pre-empting won’t change it.
    4. I have mine too. Add a laptop in there.
    5. This sounds like one of my Martini Moments. Cheers!

  2. 1. What about pie? Does it have to be a carrot? How boring a vegetable. 🙂
    2. And cause the rest of us to set everything important back. Can’t people plan and tell us ahead of time?
    3. Hard to enjoy hardship. I may be a bit of a masochist, but that’s kinda out of my league.
    4. Yes. And an internet connection, hard to have a laptop in there without connecting to the rest of the world.
    5. Cheers to that Cléa. 🙂

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