Chickybabe For The Holiday Shorts

  1. When will people learn. Edrei is always right. Well…not always right. Well…not almost either. The point really is that I’m right and you can keep standing on the left.
  2. It’s not easy being accustomed to so many people after spending almost a year by yourself. It makes you want to find a hole for some solitary “me-time”. A wish impossible to fulfill when you have a very large an close extended family.
  3. People tend to be masters of the obvious when they haven’t seen you in a long time. I tend to be a master at being annoyed by this sort of mastery.
  4. When the younger generation of your family seems so spoiled and carefree, you have to wonder if their actions are really as they seem or you’re just getting a whole lot older.
  5. Sometimes, the simplest thing to say is nothing at all and everything you can think off.

Doing a “Chickybabe” refers to doing a list of random thoughts and is named in honour of ChickyBabe who awed me with her style of writing, especially when she did her set of random thoughts which this is named after.

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