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Keeping the tradition of short and simple random thoughts:

  1. I may love the net, but I do miss the good ol times when you could curl up in bed with milk and cookies and read the night away.
  2. I’ve in the middle of a voracious reading mood. At this point, I munching on anything that’s crossing my path worth reading.
  3. I’ve am officially knee deep in summer break since I’ve completely lost track of the date, day and time.
  4. I need sleep. Then again, I feel compelled to finish the books I’m reading. Good books can be so addictive
  5. If anyone is looking for a good personal blog to read. Head over to ChickyBabe’s Blog. That’s where I coined this term from. That’s also where I go to get a little dreamy over someone who has her own way with words.
  6. I needed to expand my reading list to more than just the Anita Blake series, so I’m on books that are published from the same publisher and from the same Author. No surprise there, it’s still about vampires and the supernatural. Say hello to Sookie Stackhouse and Merry Gentry.
  7. Kristine decided to send over an early Christmas present which turned out to be something of a serendipity. You got to love friends who know what you like cause the gift in question turned out to be this:

Good ol paperback novels, how I missed you so after all these months.

6 thoughts on “ChickyBabe For The Literary Mind

  1. 1. What’s a book? 😛
    2. Munching on a book? 😛
    3. Lucky you!
    4. Same here, too much to do, not enough sleep!
    5. Thank you kindly for the recommendation Kami :). I’m pleased my blog makes you dream…
    6. See no. 1
    7. SO cute! Which one is you? 😛

  2. teehee! see…i told you it wouldn’t take very long to arrive 🙂 that’s good that you have it now, so you can bookmark the pages in those books you read…haha

    as for me, I was feeling dizzy the whole day 🙁 and i FINALLY finished my Christmas shopping!

    *does the Kristine dance*

  3. ChickyBabe :
    1. It’s a bunch of paper with words printed on it which you manually flip through and read. No scrolling necessary.
    2. They can be delicious if you choose a good vintage. 🙂
    3. Yeah, got to enjoy the last years of freedom before responsibility fully sets in.
    4. Well, you can also start by switching the computer off. 😛
    5. Oh ChickyBabe, how I can dream about you. Let me count the ways… 🙂
    6. See the answer to 1.
    7. I don’t know…I doubt anyone is me. Though I think I might name them though. Can’t leave penguins unnamed can I?

    Kristine: And a jolly yuletide thank you to you too. Now I have to think of what to get you. Something a little easier than just walking around town…from a click of a button I guess?

  4. ooooooo……..hmmmm…i have no idea what i want for christmas actually. maybe tht flying to melbourne thing next yr would be good 😛

  5. I love the feel of a paperback in my hands, as opposed to reading it from the screen. A physical book just feels and smells different… duh. Just finished The Time Traveler’s Wife which left me feeling all emotional.

  6. Kris: Umm…so that you’re going to pretend I’m dating you so that you get me to shower you with gifts? 😛

    Sophia: Well, hard to smell much from a computer…then again…geeks like me do know how to appreciate the smell of plastic and metal when we run our hands over our hardware. It’s a different feeling all together…and I just realized that sounded really wrong. 😛

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