Chickybabe For The Night

It’s late so I’ll make it short and sweet.

  1. Have you ever liked a song so much you find yourself playing it over and over again when no one is around because you’re embarrassed that they’ll get sick of it before you do?
  2. Women by nature get more attention than men. Try ask a technical question in forums as a guy and compare it to women who ask the same thing. Chances are, no one will respond to you. The woman will get offers for personal help.
  3. I realize I now live with my girlfriend and a friend I’ve had a crush on for a while. Libido aside, the “sweet temptations of the flesh” is really pushing the self control to the limit. But being the nice guy is too much a responsibility to let go
  4. Everytime I tell people of good things that happen, they never pan out so as much as I want to. This time I’ll keep them to myself until they actually happen. So expect to know of all the good things that I’m excited about in about a month.
  5. The irony to being a ladies man is that you can never be proud of what you are because to be proud is to ruin the backbone of being a ladies man. The best you can do is try to be modest and hold back the urge to dance around the room like a madman because they genuinely like you for who you are. Sometimes that doesn’t really work as well.

Have a good night folks or a good day wherever you are, whenever you’re reading this.

6 thoughts on “Chickybabe For The Night

  1. Aha…why do you think I italicised and put the open brackets there in the first place. 😛 And no she doesn’t. There can only be one insane blogger in this relationship and that’s me. 😛

  2. 1. Yes, but not for the same reason. I like to enjoy it alone!
    2. Not so sure if the same happens offline. Try talking digital cameras, computers, PDAs, etc and they talk ‘down’ at you. Until you rattle more info than they know!
    3. That’s what fantasies are for! And blogs! 😉 Hehe…
    4. Reverse psychology and luck?
    5. Yep. Staying humble is key. And we don;t you to ruin the fantasy by dancing around like madman! 😛

  3. 1. Then you can blast it out loud right?
    2. That’s cause you know right? It’s when you need help. That’s when it matters.
    3. In our dreams…anything goes.
    4. More like the cruel twist of irony.
    5. Hahaha…I’ll try. It’ll probably be another fantasy at this point. Fantasizing ego. That’s a new twist. 🙂

  4. (1) If I liked a song, I’ll keep singing it repeatedly until my boyfriend says, “Next song, please..”
    (2) And if you’re a lady AND you have a gravatar, I think that helps too 🙂
    (3) That’s why there are so little nice guys around, hahaha (just kidding, don’t flame me)..
    (4) Err.. Personally, I’d prefer NOT to let the cat out of the bag prematurely.. Accidents happen, you see..
    (5) Ahh.. The “manly” side of a (ladies’) man 🙂

  5. 1. Mel would just go “Don’t you have anything better to play?”
    2. Most tech oriented sites don’t have gravatars. They just rely on names and profiles.
    3. Yes. There are too few nice guys around that’s for sure.
    4. And I keep overlooking that fact, again and again.
    5. Can’t escape ego. Not this (ladies) man. 🙂

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