ChickyBabe For The Porcelain Throne

I should warn you beforehand, this can be suggestively disgusting.

  1. In retrospect, bourbon, chilli and a lot of mushrooms don’t really mix, gastrointestinal wise. You can even say that it’s an explosive combination.
  2. 0 degrees Celsius and toilet seats aren’t exactly a good combination. Especially when they are pressed against bare skin.
  3. I wonder which is it better? Placing the toilet paper with the roll dispensing from the back or from the outside?
  4. Is it always worth looking for the softest toilet paper? I’m surprised people haven’t found a way to turn silk into a brand of toilet paper. Just as well. too. Do you know how much silk costs these days?
  5. I wonder if I’m the only one who gets really paranoid whenever I’m doing the number twos and someone is waiting right outside the door? Then again, not many people ever wonder about that. At least no one ever asked me that question before.

Disgusted yet? Can’t say I didn’t warn you.

Doing a “Chickybabe” refers to doing a list of random thoughts and is named in honour of ChickyBabe who awed me with her style of writing, especially when she does her set of random thoughts.

5 thoughts on “ChickyBabe For The Porcelain Throne

  1. My views:
    1. Tomyam and watermelon don’t mix either. Massive explosion, man.
    2. That’s why I’m a-gonna get heated loos for my new place next time 😉
    3. I don’t know about the rest, but I like my loo roll dispensing from the outside. Easier to detach :p
    4. Nah. It’s all used to wipe the same butt anyway. Unless yours is made of gold :p
    5. OMG, me too, me too!! I mean, oi, doing business here. Sod off!

  2. Tine:
    1. Never tried that, or have I? i can’t recall, though I don’t think the results were that bad.
    2. How vulgar!!
    3. It is? I have a feeling it’s all the same.
    4. The roll or the butt?
    5. But you can’t exactly say that out loud now can you?

    Pat: Haha, you’re being really quiet about it. 🙂

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