Chickybabe For The Random Confessions

It’s late and it felt like I should do a Chickybabe before I retire for the night.

  1. Greatness no matter how noble your intentions are still aspects that take a lifetime to achieve. I wonder since mine are less than noble, whether it will ever come to fruition?
  2. Ever since I’ve come back from Melbourne, inspiration for my new theme design has left me again. Before ChickyBabe reminds me of what I told her. I’ll take it easy and work on what I can do.
  3. I think. No…I know I’ve developed another blog crush and her name is Lelia Katherine Thomas.
  4. I’ve decided to start collecting the Merry Gentry series. It’s a good thing it’s a great series because my reading mood is starting to wane.
  5. It’s one thing to feel alone without anyone to share a conversation with you in real life. It’s another to feel alone in cyberspace where no one ever returns your messages.
  6. The sense of aimless purpose in life has returned to haunt me again. It’s a fear that Mel and me have been sharing more often now that she has finished her honours. The summer holiday is starting to look way too long.

4 thoughts on “Chickybabe For The Random Confessions

  1. Go me! 😀

    As for your feeling aimless a bit, I think that’s completely normal, and hey, never forget that there’s no right way to live life (granted, there are some pretty stupid/wrong ways, but they’re obvious!). Just see where life takes you and remember, most of all, to strive for the things that will fulfill your life personally, more so than for prestige or something else. You’ll be much happier then!

    Also remember that surprises happen. Back in the US, my hairdresser’s daughter was a real science whiz and got a big degree in some form of biology (can’t even remember which :P), but while she found it interesting, she had trouble finding a job in that field, for one, and she wasn’t sure if that’s what she wanted anyway. In a chance meeting, she met someone from a metro area and ended up becoming a metro dinner/party/meeting planner or sorts. She’s paid well, loves the job…and yet it’s never where she planned to be or saw herself as ever enjoying. Life’s funny like that. 🙂

    Take it easy. Enjoy the summer. The rest will come! 🙂

  2. Go you!! 🙂

    The aimlessness comes from the lack of goals or at least the lack of something productive to do. There are only so many days when you can goof off before you realize that there should be more to it. But I guess I do take things easy now. Like you said life is full of surprises.

    Who knows what might happen right?

  3. 1, Just keep at it.
    2. My lips are sealed 😛
    3. I keep my blog crushes a secret!
    5. Sux either way.
    6. Enjoy what comes with the flow :).

  4. 1. Keep at my intentions?
    2. Haha, wouldn’t mind hearing you say it as well. 😛
    3. I’m not as secretive as you, unless it’s not my secret to keep. 🙂
    5. Always does. Especially without Mojito.
    6. Well…if I have to enjoy the unknown, then by God that’s what I’ll do.

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