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After about 3 weeks of a well earned and deserved holiday, I’m back. Now to pick up on where I left off…

  1. I realize now that I actually work to earn what I want to get in life, as it always should be. A step down from the more noble responsibilities of duty, but if we don’t enjoy the fruits of our labor as it goes, won’t we regret it when it’s too late to take back what we deserved?
  2. Seeing that the camera, the headphones and a new PC have been scratched off my list of things to buy. Next up on list it to replace the obsolete phone that I have. Something with RSS receiving capabilities sounds just about right. Anyone care to recommend me a phone for it?
  3. I no longer giggle as insanely as I used to whenever faced with penguins paraphernalia. It doesn’t mean I still don’t like it, it’s the fact that I’ve been overloaded with it for the past few months that it’s no longer as exclusive as I’d like it to be.
  4. When your partner appears in your relatives picture scrapbook in which she updates from time to time, rest assured you don’t have to worry about them being accepted into the family because they already are.
  5. What a way to start your New Year’s spring cleaning. Finding the “Islamic Way To Beat Your Wife” on your RSS feeds. What will they come up with next?
  6. I need to go on a diet. 3 weeks worth of food that you usually can’t afford as a poor university student really takes its toll.
  7. It’s time to brush up the old new years resolutions. Clean on the ones I didn’t finish and reinforce the ones that need to keep up. After all, there aren’t any disappointments when you built on yourself expectations that can’t be reached in just one year.
  8. Last but not least, it’s here. So sit back and wait for the show to start.

3 thoughts on “Chickybabe For The Returned Blogger

  1. 0 – welcome back!
    2 – I’m looking for a new phone too, no idea yet what to go for.
    3 – too much of a good thing?
    6 – no comment! maybe I need more alcohol to burn it off!
    7 – good luck, I don;t do them
    8 – and…

  2. 0. Glad to be back. 🙂
    2. Haha…maybe you should buy it first then tell us what you got. I’m looking for one of those smart phones with WiFi. Don’t want to stray too far from the net now that I don’t have a laptop to carry everywhere.
    3. That’s in a nutshell alright.
    6. You need or I need? Cause last I checked, that’s what caused me to put on a few.
    7. And I think you already explained why. 🙂
    8. …all in good time. 🙂

  3. 2 – that’s what I want! And it can’t be too chunky, plus an MP3 player, and it has to have the MS Office applications. I want it all! 😛
    6 – pfft… i cut down and put on a bit of weight so what’s the point?!

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