Chickybabe For The Things I Have No Time To Write

The only problem about being away from the net for long periods of time is that thoughts make a good point tend to be watered away by the time you come back to them. So I might as well start dwelling on them now.

  1. For people who love their blogs, it has become a world for them, much like real life. Does that mean that how we create and deal with the community around our blogs is determined how we fair in real life?
  2. Death is always all around us, the very being responsible for taking even the ones we care for away forever. How do we, those that have lived with death for so long, treat people who have yet to see death as a close friend?
  3. I think religion is a good idea for people that have yet to comprehend the bigger picture. What I really hate is when friends who I’ve spent a long time debating the fabric of reality with, fall and take up religion with almost fanatical fervor, blinding themselves to everything else.
  4. Optimism is also a good thing. Except that too much of a good thing can sometimes kill you.
  5. Fear isn’t always bad. No one can blame you for growing eyes at the back of your head. People can however blame you for causing a crap load of hurt because you thought alien ducks have infiltrated your neighborhood and are out to get you.
  6. Having a thought doesn’t always mean it’s worth pondering about. Just that, for me no thought is useless. Not even the very weird, the very disgusting and the very dark. Does that make me a bad person or someone you want to stay away from at dinner conversations?

Doing a “Chickybabe” refers to doing a list of random thoughts and is named in honour of ChickyBabe who awed me with her style of writing, especially when she does her set of random thoughts.

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