Post-Late Night Chickybabe

If there are days when my mind has to take a hike to recuperate, then this would be one of those days. It’s also one of those days when a Chickybabe is all that you need to sooth that throbbing headache.

  1. Sometimes its ok to acknowledge that you have a crush on your friend despite being attached. As long as you trust yourself to not crossing any boundaries given alcohol and vain poses in skimpy outfits are in the picture.
  2. Booze and football make good company. Charades and football will be ignored at best.
  3. Relationships based on absolute trust unfotunately has to work on absolute communication…even if sometimes the things we say may touch a nerve. Even so, working things out and making up for hurt feelings may end up better than keeping it in and making it worse. Consider at your own risk. Not everyone can be that patient.
  4. It’s alright to be different. It’s not alright to pretend that you’re not or that you are.
  5. My narcissism might be a little more deeper than I thought. I might actually be an exhibitionist. I can just smell the atrocities on that one.
  6. The past is something we can never let go off no matter what we do. We may move on, but it’ll still be what makes us who we are. I’m just glad that some things may come into light, even if it is a twisted version of it. At least, I’m not a nameless face burried in the background anymore.

Now that’s off my chest. Duty calls. It always does.

4 thoughts on “Post-Late Night Chickybabe

  1. “It’s also one of those days when a Chickybabe is all that you need to sooth that throbbing headache.” – that cracked me up!!! hehe…

    1. Absolutely. Thinking and doing are two different things.
    2. Pass and pass. But pass the booze…
    3. I would add tact to that equation. Pure honesty alone can hurt like hell.
    4. Need a nother coffee for that one.
    5. Too afraid to ask!
    6. I beg to differ here. The past is part of us and will always be aprt of us. Letting go means moving on, not forgetting what has shaped us into the person we are today.

  2. 1. Just that sometimes, you’d like to think some good can come out from such things.. But they usually don’t. Too bad.
    2. How could you pass booze?
    3. Even with tact, as long as it cuts down to the heart of the issue…it always hurts like hell.
    4. Take your time, the statement isn’t going to run away.
    5. Too afraid to find out. 🙂
    6. Different definitions I guess. Maybe in my case, not forgetting means not letting go. It means that much and it still does. It just doesn’t affect me as it did before, by that…I’ve moved on.

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