Random Thoughts For April Fools

Since I don’t really have much time right now, I might as well pull a ChickyBabe and write down my random thoughts for the day. Wait…come to think of it, I have done something like this before, so it’s not really a ChickyBabe, it’s just me waking up at 12 after the housewarming/birthday party we had the night before which was generously stocked with…party stuff.

  1. I need the telephone line. I need to connect to the net. I need to call Telstra again.
  2. The new WordPress goodies are out in the trunk. Got to remember to test them out before they go official.
  3. Got to also remember to tweak the theme a bit. Crimson Milk is too good a code to be left alone.
  4. When in doubt of what birthday cake to get. Ham and Cheese Qiche “should” make an excellent substitute.
  5. People can get drunk without drinking alcohol. They just happen to have less of a life than they would have prefered to have.
  6. It is best to go around the part of the cake that has been smooshed by the birthday boy’s face
  7. There is now more booze in the fridge than there is food.
  8. God gave men a penis and a brain, just not enough blood to run them at the same time. I just happen to have good management skills.
  9. It’s cold enough to actually walk indoor with a jacket. Either that or Chris left his room window open again. Oh wait…he did.
  10. I’m hungry. I need to eat.

That being said. I am hungry and I need to eat. The rest of the day is purely negotiable.

7 thoughts on “Random Thoughts For April Fools

  1. To “pull a ChickyBabe” – wow! I’m honoured! 😛

    1. I need another new hard drive, a new power supply and new switch.
    8. That’s why it’s called big brain/little brain.
    10. Me too. But your fridge is full of booze!

  2. ChickyBabe: Well…it’ll always be a ChickyBabe and yes he has a mind of his own. Makes you wish that they are a seperate animal altogether. We got lots of booze yes. But it’ll be gone soon, that’s for sure.

    Chewy: Not a chance in hell man. I do not want to be traumatized.

    Serge: I rather drink. La la la la la. At least by then you have an excuse. 🙂

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