Sporadic Chickybabes

Let it not be said that I’m too tired for the small little things in life.

  1. My webhost has been acting up again, I wonder now whether I should start looking for a new webhost before the constant server slowdowns permanently damages my chances of getting new loyal readers.
  2. Sometimes a SNAFU can be a good thing when timed right, unfortunately as lucky as I consider myself to be, God still doesn’t throw my dice in my place so I’m still stuck here for another year.
  3. Taken from the WordPress channel where I hang out from time to time. It makes you ask the question that is on the lips of everyone this summer. “If you die right now, what will happen to your blog?”
  4. I’m feel very very tired and I don’t know why.
  5. A relationship built on the mutual understanding of who you are and what both of you want is better than being in a relationship then finding out what that actually means to you.
  6. Sometimes your heart does have space for two special people. Especially when it has been torn into two prior to this. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
  7. I miss ChickyBabe. I wonder where she flew to for the past few days.

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