And Never Say Goodbye

Two A Pair

The gentle tapping of rain echoed through the still night. A freezing cold draft wafted down my neck despite the hood over my head. Dragging what is to be weeks worth of Asian groceries behind me, I walked slowly up the slope leading to my home.

Inside was no warmer than the night air I came in from. The house had been empty all weekend. Save for the dim light that we left on before we left.

Before we left.

Weary from the trip, I force myself to unpack the frozen goods I kept in the small esky I bring for such occasions. Despite the temperature, we can never be sure whether 6 hours worth of traveling would ruin perfectly good frozen foods. She was always better at planning ahead than I was. Funnily enough, only when it came to matters like this.

She was always better.

The hot shower failed to warm me up in spite of itself. The cold damp air succeeding in lowering my body temperature to intense shivering the moment I stepped out of the shower. Usually I’m always the one who keeps warm, then again circumstances have changed as had the weather. I make it a point to take out the heater the next day. There is no one around to take care of me should I fall sick.

There is no one around.

Turning the light off, I check my mail and my feeds out of habit. 6 am in the morning isn’t always a smart time to be spending up when you haven’t had a wink of sleep in almost 24 hours. If only to keep my mind off some things for the time being. I didn’t really feel like sleeping.

Yet as always the weariness of traveling always catches up to you. Sometimes you have little choice but to give in to it. It has been a long weekend. One with every single emotion bottled up and kept nicely for the sake of a better parting. For it was this weekend that Mel has gone home to Malaysia. It was this weekend that I come home to a cold empty bed.

While by tradition we never say goodbye. I can’t help but say hello to a long year ahead of me.

2 thoughts on “And Never Say Goodbye

  1. Thanks Cléa. You can say its a perfect snapshot of the relationship. As it is, as always, it’s going to be one day at a time. Always one day at a time.

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