Beyond Jealousy and Normalcy

“Let me get this straight, you’re going out on a date with a person who is still attracted to you, during Christmas week and you’re doing a pub crawl basically just having a blast out of it.”


“Then why am I not jealous?”

“Because you know it’s me.”

I’ve come long way since my times being wholly insecure about the women I date. Then again, maybe it isn’t much of me changing, rather be dating the right kind of woman. There is something to be said about a partner who you can trust to go all out without pushing the limits or breaking the unspoken rules. Then again, there is something to be said about a partner that allows you to go the same lengths and trusting you not to break the same rules.

“Besides, I thought I gave you permission to date any girl you want while I’m away.”

“Well, it’s not like I have a long list of women lining up to go out with me.”

“Their loss then.”

Oh yes, it definitely says a lot about a woman who isn’t the least bit insecure about the relationship. The kind that constantly reminds you never to let them go, for as long as you give them room to spread their wings and be people that they are meant to be.

3 thoughts on “Beyond Jealousy and Normalcy

  1. Tine: Well I came from the same place you came from too. 🙂 Just that I think the past and the people you are with shape you to be the people you are now.

    Esther: You’re telling me. 2 years and I’m still boggled. 🙂

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