Darkest Fears. Simple Moments

Holding her in my arms, I felt her tense body as her embrace tightened around me.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m scared.”

“Of what?”

“I’m scared of losing you.”

“Losing me to what? To whom?”

“I’m scared of losing you to yourself.”

It’s not everyday you find someone who understands your greatest fear and your darkest side. It’s not everyday either that someone grasps the full implications of your own state of mind and still love you for who you are.

Maybe given the benefit of the doubt, some things shouldn’t be kept to yourself for the sake of someone you care for. Yet some things shouldn’t be openly shared even with someone you care for, lest worry take precedence over what matters more.

Relationships and love can be complicated minefields when we’re all young and naive, but when we’ve suffered enough, we all learn the simplest equation that any loving relationship should base itself on. Savour the moments. They aren’t there so that you could have more. They are there so that you could live those moments in peace.

When you can’t stop the inevitable, there is no room left for fear when you have so short a time to cherish what you have.

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