Do You Really Want To Know?

Enchant: Do you think she is “the one”?
Me: I think there was a one, but that time has passed.
Enchant: And this is another one. What I’m asking is, do you see yourself spending the rest of your life with her?
Me: Truthfully? No.

Life is full of uncertainties. That is the God honest truth. There is no telling what the next day might bring let alone the next week or the next year. If there is anything that I have learnt, it is the fact that the best things in life come when there aren’t any expectations for what lies ahead. Life, specifically our lives are encased in too much to deal with, too much to fight for to make up for the expectations we hold on to.

Not to say there shouldn’t be expecations, it’s just that like everything else that is uncertain, you can’t place to much good hope on it. Good optimism maybe…but not the whole nine yards. You can try to work towards what you want, but more often than not, you’ll just be trapped between what you need and what you want. By that time, you’ll just have to sacrifice one or the other and pay for in the process. Sometimes, the price can be a little more than you can take. But I would know won’t I?

Because I know I have had enough.

This time, I’ll just make do with what I have and enjoy the rest of it.

2 thoughts on “Do You Really Want To Know?

  1. It’s tough trying to go through life not having expectations. Believe me I’ve tried.

    I hope you can find that balance without sacrificing too much.

  2. It’s tough going through life having too much expectations as well. Not just from yourself but from other people as well. Maybe I can never rid myself completely of expectations, but at least this time I can live with the ones that work with what I have now.

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