Lesbian In A Male Body

Conversations between Mel and me rarely take a form of normalcy. It’s not to say that we’re completely two different individuals, it’s just that for the most part we’re one of the same kind. The kind that’s completely beyond the window in which most people tend to live by.

“Are you talking to girls again?”

“Yeah, but don’t worry, I’m talking to Lainie.”

“I never worry. Aren’t you a lesbian in a male body?”

“No more than you’re a gay man in a female body.”

“You always say the sweetest things.”

“Well I do learn from the best.”

I tend to say that experience has taught me that there are no perfect people in life save for one which chances are we can never find, and even if we do, chances are we might never be with. But what experience has also taught me is that while there are no perfect people, there are certainly perfect relationships between imperfect people.

It’s hard to make an argument out of that.

5 thoughts on “Lesbian In A Male Body

  1. Miss Positive: Oh it defines us in the relationship. Not necessarily everyone else in general.

    Lainie: Don’t you swing more the other way? At least, that’s what I’ve always gotten from you. 🙂

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