Lost Love

“Is there any way for me to be a part of your life again?”

“No. There isn’t.”

“Why? Because we’re both in love with other people?”

“No. Because I’m still in love with you.”

Some pasts no matter how intense and life defining, can never be put back once broken. Not for the camaraderie of friendship. Not for the devotion of two lovers. Not even for the bond between two soulmates.

Yet, if there is any hope for a future to be made, it isn’t the past that we should be looking to. Even if we can’t let go of the memories that made us who we are, then at least move on to something we know we deserve. Something that brings us a little peace for all it’s worth.

6 thoughts on “Lost Love

  1. I’ve been there… not an easy position to be in. My only words of hope would be that the unrequited feelings will, eventually, pass.

  2. That’s almost exactly the conversation I had with my recent ex this week. I’m still in love with him. But he’s moved on and wants us to be friends. Horrid.

    But as Erin says, with time and hopefully for me to meet a new love interest, it’ll all work out. I hope so.

  3. It’s sad when people can’t be the best of friends because of deeper feelings. I wish you luck. Maybe love interest is too strong a word. Maybe it all starts when you meet someone you can connect with on a deeper level. Love interests of course, is just another option. 🙂

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